Monsoon Mangrove : Landscapes

And it happened.The dark black clouds drove away heat waves that gave summer such a bad reputation and the impoverished soil, eagerly waiting for the raindrops, finally quenched its thirst.The frogs formed an orchestra and their high-pitched cacophony emphasised the point – monsoon has finally arrived.With the arrival of the clouds and storms and rains Sundarbans turned herself into a seductress.Every Sunset seemed mesmerising,every day break turned into a sensory bliss.And then there were the nights.They came like a maiden in tryst.Soft and gentle, passionate and Eager. Sometimes the clouds covered up the whole sky,and raindrops kissed the lush green forests like an amorous lover.Then the Sun came out,tearing the veil that surrounded the eye of heaven.And yet it dared not to shine to it’s potential.The storms played with our boat like wanton boys play with flies.We sat awake in the boat’s cabin through  stormy nights.We cruised through the rivers during the day in search of wild animals.We searched rainbow after every spell of shower.It was the time for friends to sit close and have a good laugh.It was the time of ever flowing life.It was the time of wild skies and strong currents. It was the time of high tide.It was the time of romanticism.It was, in fact,the time to fall in love with the magical mangroves.


From Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower
Cruise In Rain
When Evening falls
That Ends Well
A Sky Full Of Stars

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