Tigers Of Sundarbans : My Experience

In Sundarbans,my tryst with the tigers began on a late October evening of 2015.It was a chance encounter, it was purely luck that gave us that particular sighting.Little did I knew that evening, that from that moment, my life was about to change.Like those drugs that run into your vein ,like that first love that you can never forget; the tigers of this magical land crept into my blood.

My first tiger from Sundarbans.This Sub-adult tigress changed my life, forever.

In Sundarbans people say the tiger gives life to legends and prayers. The tiger works magic.The tiger materializes from nowhere, flies through the air and disappears in water.They hunt by day and by night.They are beauty and cruelty twined tight, worshiped but not loved, feared, but not hated.I fondly call them the Swamp Tigers.They rule these godforsaken terrains.

These tigers are known for materialising from nowhere.
Look deep into the eye of a swamp tiger, and you will know why you should be afraid of them!

In Sundarbans,they say, the tiger always sees you first.He is as quiet as the mud and as invisible as the wind to give away it’s presence. You can feel the tiger,but you just can’t see.And this is the magic of the mangroves.

A Tigress, blending perfectly with the mangrove thicket.
A Tiger with Chital kill.This is probably the first photographic documentation of a tiger with deer kill from the Indian part of the Sundarbans.

In Sundarbans,the tigers do not obey the same rules by which tigers elsewhere govern their lives.The tigers ,in this part of the world,are bound by neither day nor night,land nor water;these tigers,some say,are creatures of neither heaven nor earth.

The word “Sundarbans” means “The Beautiful Forests”.And I hope this picture is a justification of the name itself!
These tigers, as the local people will tell you, are not just tigers. For them, these magnificent creatures are fate personified.

I have spent the last couple of years of my life tracking these big cats, photographing various aspects of their secret lives, and falling in love with them, each time more deeply.Every time I see a tiger, here, in Sundarbans, I can feel the charm.

Spell of the tiger !
…And the rest of it was poetry.

Seeing and photographing a tiger in Sundarbans is very special.But you need expert naturalists & photography mentors to help you out.Because,these elusive big cats are extremely shy and cunning.Only an experienced tracker can find them.We arrange photography tours (fully customised) in the Indian Part of the Sundarbans.For detailed information, please check out our website.

Have a nice weekend !

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