Mountains & Memories : The Invincible Summer

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First Light

Memories came flying back from a distant past as I stood before the enchanted Kanchenjunga, kissed and awakened from it’s slumber by the golden rays of the Sun.I saw a kid walking beside his father, lulled by the melodies of mountains and charmed by the blue fog busy playing hide and seek with treeline above far away hills.The kid was in a trance. For both of them these dreamy hills and sunshine meant a lot more than what it was in itself. For us it was a process of discovering and rediscovering ourselves back then.

Three of them!
Tamosho Ma Jyotirgamaya….

I remember asking my father, “What do we seek among these deep mountains, dad?”

And I remember him replying very softly, “You’ll discover that one day.It will take time.But don’t stop coming back again and again. Seek what you are seeking for”.

First snow of the season at Tumling
After it snowed….
Dusk on the Mountain

And the kid that I was then, thought he will live and die among the mountain, for the sky was blue and the grass was green and the sun was bright among the hills, and that’s the only thing that mattered most back then.

A British Landrover (1956 Model ) with Kanchenjunga !
The Dog & His Mountain

But now time has changed. A lot has changed.Deep down somewhere I missed my younger self.But then she touched my hands and told me that it’s the best sunrise she has ever seen.And that brought back the very personal sunshine I was missing that particular morning at Sandakphu.

Snow on flower!
Tumling Monastery

From the first snowing of the season at Tumling we moved up to Sandakphu where temperature dropped down at minus ten degree at nights.We drove down to Khopi Dara where Tashi Daju kept us warm with his everlasting smile and hospitality. We skipped the overcrowded Kalipokhri and stopped at Chowrichwak.I sang with the local drivers and she accompanied us with her magical singing skills.Whatever little Nepali language I knew gifted us a night full of songs and memories and homemade potent drinks.At Darjeeling we called it a wrap after wine and dine at the Glenary’s.

Good Morning Tumling!
Two Friends!

I knew I’ll take a lot back from this trip.I rediscovered love and friendship. I sang.I whispered in the wind,whistled while walking through the changing weather. The cold and starry nights and days engulfed with mist and chilly wind and little drizzles wrapped Singalila in a cozy melodramatic warmth.

At Chowrichawk
At Sandakphu
A view from Sunrise Restaurant
The Sleeping Buddha!

I came back home and told my father that I’ve finally found what he and I were looking for among the mountains and among the rains and forests and snows and winds all these years.

He smiled and asked me what it was.

And I said it’s the invincible summer that resides within us.

And from his eyes I knew he was happy.

Mountain Melodies
Makalu , Chamlang(Extreme left) , Everest(Right,behind Makalu ) & Most probably Lhotse (left) .
The emptiness in harmony
Far away places
Reflection of prayer flags on frozen water of Kalipokhri
The wind on haunted hill

Contact Numbers :

  • Our trip was organised by Mr. Bijoy Chakraborty ( +91 – 9831761506 ). Though we opted for the car trip from Manebhanjan , you can go for trekking there as well . He can arrange everything at a very reasonable cost.
  • Stay at Manebhanjan : Hotel Pradhan ( +91 – 9734148217/8348217154 )
  • Stay at Tumbling : Hotel Siddhartha / Sikhar ( Contact Mr. Bijoy Chakraborty )
  • Stay at Sandakphu : Hotel Sunrise ( 00977-27691269 / 974145002 )
  • Stay at Khopi Dara : Pine View Home Stay ( 9564438676 / 9733127101 )
  • For car booking and rates please contact Mr. Bijoy Chakraborty or do it on your own at Manebhanjan.They have fixed rate charts.Nilesh Pradhan from Hotel Pradhan can also help you out.

Thanks for your time.Please do share your thoughts in the “comments” section below!

8 thoughts on “Mountains & Memories : The Invincible Summer

  1. The best part of this is that i was on the same way and on the same day you clicked these pictures. Fortunately the landrover you clicked was driven by Dawa who was our driver . I can relate to each and everything you clicked as my trip was fresh between 23rd of jan to 29th of jan !

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