Swamp Tigers

In Sundarbans people say the tiger gives life to legends and prayers. The tiger works magic.The tiger materializes from nowhere, flies through the air and disappears in water.They hunt by day and by night.They are beauty and cruelty twined tight, worshiped but not loved, feared, but not hated.They, the swamp tigers, rule these godforsaken terrains.

Spiti Valley

A white world.Dry branches stand naked, covered with frost.Here you hear yourself thinking.Every hours drive take you a century away.Frozen rivers and crystal mountains adorn this alien landscape.Endless blue horizons and silent mountain winds kiss your earthly body.Mythical creatures roam these lands.Hillbillies share a laugh or a drink after hard day’s field work, sitting beside the warmth of a Tandoor.This isn’t my first home, but how I want it to be my last, closing my mortal eyes watching the dying sun over snowcapped hills!


Bandhavgarh, the land of myths and legends. The green forests and the hillocks that decorate the landscape holds a special place in my heart. The wind, heavy with smells from the Sal forest in summer and piercing with cold in winter, looks after the beautiful big cats that roam in the park, carrying their calls to their mates, assuring that this paradise is in safe paws.


The certain sense of timelessness and spiritual connection monochrome provides always evoked sentimentality in my mind.And I’ve always found it pretty appealing, not only to the fleshy eyes, but to the sensual vision as well. In my kind of photography, which is nature and wildlife, monochrome gives me the opportunity to strategically turn away from modern sensibility and capture a certain sense and feel of a different time when the animals being portrayed used to live a blissful life.

Tal Chappar

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is a sanctuary located in the Churu district of Northwestern Rajasthan in the Shekhawati region of India. It is known for blackbucks and is also home to a variety of birds. The sanctuary area is mostly covered by grasses with a very few trees. It lies on the passageway of many migratory birds such as harriers. These birds pass through this area during September.


The wonderland. The mighty Brahmaputra destroys and preserves the forest. From tall elephant grass to evergreen trees , from sandy river banks to hilly areas – Kaziranga offers everything to those who love her. Unicorns and Elephants roam everywhere, the ever elusive Tigers make sudden appearances and the mighty but gentle water buffalos greet the visitors.

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